Gina Carano: Celebrate Her New Film IN THE BLOOD With 134 Action-Packed Photos!

We sure miss her in the MMA, but we’re always happy to cheer on Gina Carano in her film career. We’ve been especially anxious over Gina going off to film another starring role in a action film. We weren’t sure about what to expect from the modestly-budgeted In The Blood. Now we’re very encouraged to see that the  savvy folks at Anchor Bay Entertainment have picked up the movie for release. That company typically distributes exceptional genre films, and Gina Carano is one exceptional leading lady.

Of course, the former MMA fighter was first showcased as the femme fatale in the Steven Soderbergh movie Haywire. That was a pretty good movie, even if it did feel like a fancier take on an old-fashioned she-spy flick. Gina seemed more at home in Fast & Furious 6. The fledgling actress held her own against some established movie stars in those movies, too. In The Blood, however, tosses Gina in with a fine B-movie cast who could all be candidates for an Expendables movie. Gina will be playing a bruising bride who starts trashing the Caribbean after her husband disappears on her honeymoon. We’re hoping the happy couple at least gets one night together before that happens.

Anyway, director John Stockwell (who’s gone from actor to fine genre guy with Turistas and Blue Crush) has put together a wild supporting cast that includes Danny Trejo, Steven Lang, and Treat Williams. The movie also offbeat beauty Yvette Yates, so we’re hoping for some catfight action. That’s a reasonable request.

So is wanting to see more of Gina, and we’re hitting you with a serious gallery of pics that’ll knock your eyes right out of your skull. In the best possible way, of course. We don’t want to neglect our favorite MMA Ring Girls, of course–and we think Arianny Celeste is still a proper knockout. But we’re itching for more action from Gina, and we know that Anchor Bay will put together a great package for this movie that–in our opinion–should be a Christmas Day release at every multiplex in the nation.

Instead, most people will be catching In The Blood on the small screen. That’s okay, but we’re lucky to be able to see plenty of Anchor Bay movies at the AMC multiplex in Times Square. We just can’t wear an overcoat to that place anymore. It seems that Times Square no longer allows that sort of thing…

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