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Top 10 Brews for the MLB Playoffs


It’s not Rocktober. It’s not Schlocktober. It’s not just October, either. We’re officially celebrating Beer Month at COED, where we’re writing about everyone’s favorite sudsy beverage! We mean, more than usual. So keep looking for the bubbly border to find out fascinating facts, along with very vital tips on how to be quaffing down the very best in beer.

By The Professor JW Faulkner – @EngProfJW

Baseball fan or not, you have to admit there is nothing like October baseball. And whether you want to drown your team’s sorrows or celebrate this year’s playoff push, I got you covered. Here is a Top 10 that features one beer per playoff team’s city. Like every girl in your life who has no clue about a sport and roots for a team based on its colors, here is a way for dudes to pick who to root for – by which team’s city has the best brew!

  • COED Writer