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October 1, 2013: Happy Birthday, Cindy Margolis, First Queen of the Internet


Who’s the Queen of the Internet? Nowadays, that changes on the hour. Back in the ’90s, however, Cindy Margolis took advantage of the new technology to become the first gal to become internet famous. She didn’t have the luxury of social media, either. Tila Tequila could pile up her friends on Myspace. Cindy Margolis had to be sought out to earn her title as The Most Downloaded Woman on the Internet.

Yeah, there were a lot of leering jokes about that back in the ’90s. Cindy Margolis almost turned that into a dirty word. She certainly turned the internet into a marketing tool. The striking blonde had started out by printing greeting cards of herself wearing lingerie. That would lead to a career modeling power tools and working conventions. Cindy was also busy as a swimsuit model. She wasn’t classy enough for Sports Illustrated, but she was a major draw for knockoff swimsuit editions for Inside Sports and Sport Magazine.

And then there was–which is how a working model managed to suddenly become a bigger name on the newfangled internet than the likes of ’90s babes like Pamela Anderson and Jenna Jameson. Cindy ran a busy site where she asked for emails from fans, promoted her television work, and sold posters and calendars. She was the hottest (and most socialble) gal that could easily be found online.┬áBy the end of the ’90s, Margolis had counted one 24-hour span where her pics had been downloaded 70,000 times. That’s when the savvy gal landed in the 2000 Guinness Book of World Records as (officially) The Most Downloaded Person in the World.

Nowadays, guys will browse Kate Upton 70,000 times in a single night. Cindy Margolis was of a time and a place. That bod is timeless, though. It was even a big deal when Cindy finally went nude for Playboy (at the age of 40) for the December, 2006, issue. Nowadays, her website is mostly about spirituality, and Cindy is a reality-show regular. You can see her on Beverly Hills Nannies. That’s a show that you probably didn’t even know existed–but these pics will take you back to a time when everyone knew Cindy Margolis’ name, along with her curves…

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