Candice Swanepoel Shows Off Her Ass-ets for Agua Bendita [32 PHOTOS]

We love Candice Swanpoel and bikinis and water. Put all three together, and you have…well, a lot of sexual fantasies. There’s also the fantastic real-life ad campaign for Agua Bendita–which just became the best swimwear brand in the world. Or at least until Candice Swanpoel starts modeling the Victoria’s Secret line of swimwear. We are not loyal to any brand. We are, however, very loyal to Candice Swanpoel. And she’s making us feel downright patriotic while modeling the new Army-themed line of Agua Bendita swimwear.

Your shorts will be saluting as you check out Candice’s amazing work showing off animal-print camouflage. Khaki has never seemed sexier. Neither has a sexy pink bikini. We’re not too sure how that last one works into the military theme, but we like to think that our country’s fighting boys laid down their lives for Candice’s right to dress real skimpy. We’re not too sure about Candice’s right to wear Army boots, but we’re always happy to see Candice trying anything new. It kind of fuels that fantasy life that we mentioned before.

Also, Candice has permanently defused the taunt of “Your mother wears Army boots!” That’s nice of her.

Keep in mind that Candice is going to be turning 25 years old this October 20th, so we’re very excited to see her making these maneuvers before hitting the quarter-century mark. Actually, we suspect that we’ll still be swooning for Miss Swanepoel for a few more decades. Some guys are more shallow than that. That’s why Candice doesn’t send them special messages through how many times she blinks during a photo shoot. We’re happy to share pictures of our secret girlfriend with others, though. We even have some earlier pics of Candice posing for Agua Bendita–but we can’t neglect her topless work for Colcci Jeans. Or that work she does for Victoria’s Secret, or that cute little Instagram account that she keeps for us.

Yes, we have plenty of Candice Swanepoel to get us through any given day. These pics are still Candice like you’ve never seen her before. Check out this gallery for yourself, but be careful. You might end up rushing to your recruiting office…

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