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10 Greatest Fictional Beers


It’s not Rocktober. It’s not Schlocktober. It’s not just October, either. We’re officially celebrating Beer Month at COED, where we’re writing about everyone’s favorite sudsy beverage! We mean, more than usual. So keep looking for the bubbly border to find out fascinating facts, along with very vital tips on how to be quaffing down the very best in beer.

We all, indeed, can’t get enough of that wonderful Duff. Sadly, that popular brand is yet another in a world of fake beers. The entertainment world is full of phony suds that we’ve been tricked into craving. Who didn’t want to run out and buy some Samuel L. Jackson Beer after seeing it on The Chappelle Show? The simple men of King of the Hill always looked happy drinking their Alamo Beer. We would’ve liked some of that. Our friends don’t drink Monkeyshine Beer, but we could have enjoyed some with the cast of Friends.

And what about the generic Beer? That looked good on South Park–or, if you’re really hip, you wanted some after catching the indie flick Repo Man. You can’t play Grand Theft Auto IV without needing a cold Pisswasser. And if you’ve ever seen an episode of the old sitcom Laverne & Shirley, then you’ve craved a Shotz Beer. Star Trek fans need their Romulan Ale. We’d even settle for a Duff competitor like Red Tick Beer or Fudd Beer. And none of those even made this list of 10 Very Favorite Fictional Beers. Read and enjoy…and try not to think about how good these would taste with one of those pizzas that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles used to get…

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