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Megan Young Is Miss World 2013, Survives Nude Photo Scandal


There was a lot of drama in the Miss World competition this weekend–and it wasn’t all in our pants! The competition got scandalous as Megan Young–always a favorite to win as Miss Philippines–was suddenly forced to deal with a nude photo shoot that the actress and television host had done for Rogue magazine. There was suddenly lots of talk about how Megan Young should be disqualified. Of course, we raced to get those pics. Then we decided that the Miss World competition needs some help in defining the word “scandal.”

You’ll find some of those Rogue pics in the gallery below. They’re sexy, but they are not the kind of photos that wouldn’t be a big deal in the Miss America pageant. In fact, Vanessa Williams would’ve probably held on to her crown back in the ’80s if this had been the worst that Penthouse could have found in her past.┬áMegan Young isn’t some virginal beauty queen, either. She’s been a beloved name in the Philippines since she first broke through on a reality show there called Starstruck. Megan didn’t even win that talent competition, but she still won over the audience enough to move on to being cast for Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 2.

From there, Megan (now known as “The Princess of Charm” after the Big Brother show) began to appear in television roles. She managed to trash her sweet reputation by playing the bullying villainess in the Filipino adaptation of the Ugly Betty show. She was just as worldly–but a little more pleasant–in the show Hiyas. Seriously, it isn’t like Megan was ever some kind of Hannah Montana type. We have much better examples of beauty queens gone wild.

She’s also kept working as a model through all of this, of course, and–as you’ll see below–that’s included plenty of sexy pics that are a lot worse than Megan doffing her bikini top at the beach. We mean, better than Megan doffing her bikini top at the beach. We think it’s pretty obvious that any protesters were really just trying to undermine Megan Young’s chance to become Miss World 2013.

That did not work. Megan was crowned Miss World over the weekend, and we’re jumping with joy over how she survived a pretty dopey smear campaign. Some of our body parts are jumping more than others, of course. You’ll feel the same way as you check out this worldly gallery that’ll give you a thrill–but, seriously, it’s nothing scandalous. We can only hope that Megan will go on to Playboy like Rosanna Davidson. That’s scandalous enough…

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