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Hunter Elizabeth on WE ARE MEN [See Her Tonight]


Hunter Elizabeth on We Are Men

(8:30 PM EST, CBS)

We Are Men is a new sitcom with a bad title and an impressive cast. There’s acclaimed actor (and Monk star) Tony Shaloub, along with Jerry O’Connell and Kal Penn as fellow divorced guys mentoring a young loser. CBS has a lot of faith in the show, too. They’ve given it a secure slot behind How I Met Your Mother–and with HIMYM entering its final season, We Are Men seems intent on providing the network with a new supply of beautiful women in guest roles. Check out Hunter Elizabeth in tonight’s debut episode. She’s billed as “Pretty Girl,” which continues Hunter’s streak of nameless roles such as “Attractive Woman” (on the upcoming NBC show Undateable) and “Hot Teen Girl” in the upcoming film Me, Him, Her. We’re especially excited to see her playing “Masseuse” in the indie Yes, And…

But there’s a lot more to Hunter Elizabeth than just that pretty face. And her hot bod. And that endearing, all-American look that doesn’t keep Hunter from being an impressively versatile model. Hunter started out in musical theater, and she has an amazing voice that doesn’t need to come from a pretty face. You can check her out doing an old Etta James song for some timeless excellence. Hunter also provided some rocking presence to the Megadeth “Super Collider” video. She’s the prettiest person in the clip–and almost has the prettiest hair…

On the less rocking front, you can check out Hunter in the video for R5’s song “Pass Me By.” We’re a little frustrated to think that Hunter might have only made it onto We Are Men because she was already on set as a production assistant. Hunter’s beginning to get properly hunted by Hollywood, though, and we’re hoping that Hunter’s upcoming stint on The Bold and the Beautiful leads to a steady presence from this boldly beautiful gal. Or maybe the right mogul will stumble on Hunter’s hot vocals and turn her into a recording star. We just know that people are going to know the name Hunter Elizabeth–as this gal goes on to playing roles with actual names. And after enjoying these pics (and following Hunter on Twitter), you can follow these links to five HIMYM beauties

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