September 30, 2013: 35 Pics for Candice Michelle’s 35th Birthday

It’s a WWE start to the week as we celebrate the birthday of Candice Michelle–because if we don’t, we’re afraid that she’ll hunt us down and deliver us a Bionic Elbow or a Cactus Clothesline or a Rolling Wheel Click. Actually, a Vertical Press or a Body Avalanche doesn’t sound so bad. We have mixed feelings about a Testicular Claw. Anyway, Candice Michelle gave us a real Heart Punch back in her days as a World Wrestling Entertainment diva. The aspiring model fit right in when Michelle found fame in a 2005 WWE Diva competition that was a crushing victory for built beautiful gals everywhere. She didn’t win the competition, but the WWE quickly found her a role as a makeup artist.

Michelle had already established herself as a fitness model, and had even hit the big-screen as a stripper in the (pretty lousy) guy comedy Tomcats. You can also find her in better movies like DodgeBall and Anger Management. There were certain WWE fans who were also delighted to discover that Candice had a whole other career as “Mackenzie Montgomery,” who appeared in kinky fetish videos like Hogtie Heaven, Sandal Girls, and Chloroformed and Carried Away. Some of those titles were still getting released as Candice Michelle became a big name in the WWE.

That didn’t stop her from appearing in a 2005 Super Bowl commercial for–which instantly elevated her into a commercial pantheon only topped by the women of Carl’s Jr.’s. Actually, Candice was the gal who made GoDaddy ads a real big deal. In fact, the first GoDaddy commercial with Candice resulted in the second one being pulled before it even aired during the game. Yes, there was probably a lot of pulling during that historic Super Bowl.

Candice had the typical WWE career that took her from being a resident babe to a referee, and then a heel wrestler who was part of the Ladies in Pink alliance. The fan favorite became basically good just around the time that Candice landed on the cover of Playboy. Candice kept working steadily despite plenty of injuries, and participated in some of WWE’s more daring story lines. Sadly, she wrapped up her WWE career in 2006, putting an end to signature moves like the Candywrapper and the Candylicious. (But you can catch up with today’s WWE Divas of Wrestling, though.)

Candice was married by then, anyway, and she’s celebrating her 35th birthday as a genuine MILF–although we’re looking back to the Candice we adored as a gal who shook up the WWE and turned the wrestling ring into a magical garden of fantasy…

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