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Amber Heard’s Hot New MACHETE KILLS Poster–Plus A Look At Her as Mandy Lane


Amber Heard is having a bigger October than she might have expected. We’re all pretty riled up over her upcoming turn as evil assassin Miss San Antonio in the upcoming Machete Kills. The overblown action film opens on October 11th as director Robert Rodriguez’s second take on the overblown modern grindhouse franchise. Now there’s a new poster for the movie that elevates Amber as one of the movie’s more important characters–ranked right up there with Sofia Vergara as evil dominatrix Madame Desdemoa. You can see more of Vergara and her Machete costar Alexa Vega here. Meanwhile, the new poster has Amber showing off some lethal weapons of her own….

But we’re also going to add the Machete Kills red band trailer, where you can see a precious glimpse of an Amber Heard/Michelle Rodriguez battle that promises us the Citizen Kane of catfights. There’s no nudity, but plenty of violence and the occasional dirty word…

Yes, it’s a big deal for Amber Heard to make it into a modern grindhouse classic like Machete Kills. She was even cast before she was running around with Johnny Depp. Amber didn’t need that kind of clout, since she’s an Austin, Texas native who was long overdue to work with director Rodriguez on one of his homegrown productions. (Also long overdue: revisiting our collection of Amber Heard .gifs.)

Interestingly enough, though, October rates another Amber Alert with the opening of All the Boys Love Mandy Lane–which was slated for release way back in 2006. That’s not all the way before Amber broke out big when the Texas gal hooked up with the shooting of the big-screen Friday Night Lights back in 2004. Mandy Lane, however, really helped Amber become a big deal as the inventive slasher film went on to be a big hit on the festival circuit. The movie helped Amber move on to projects like Pineapple Express, Zombieland, The Rum Diary (where she met Mr. Depp), and the short-lived television series The Playboy Club.

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, however, got lost in the vaults. Horror fans had to resort to buying import DVDs of the movie. Amber isn’t the only one who thrived with the movie, though. Mandy Lane writer/director Jonathan Levine went on to make The Wackness and the zombie romance Warm Bodies. That’s in addition to directing Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen in the cancer drama 50/50.

Our only problem with the new Mandy Lane┬áposter (for the movie’s limited October 11th release) is that it’s all about the star’s face. Check out a poster from the film’s foreign release below, and get another reminder of why Amber Heard is going to be packing the multiplexes this October. And don’t even get us started on how it turns out that the girls would’ve had a chance with loving Mandy, too

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