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Watch This Hawk Snag A Newly Released Bunny [Video]


Imagine that you find a baby rabbit that has been injured and has been left alone in the wilderness. Naturally, you would take it in, nurture it, feed it, care for it and release it into the wild once it was healthy. That’s exactly what the family in this video did, and all their love and hard work was immediately torn apart by a hawk’s talons.

We understand that this video is a little sad to watch, so to make up for it we’ll re-post a much more heartwarming video of a fireman saving a kitten from a fire.

That feels better, right?

Don’t think we’re a bunch of heartless jerks. We do feel bad for the little guy and for the family that nursed it back to health. It’s just that we also can see this from the hawk’s point of view. Maybe that hawk just got through some really tough times and hadn’t had some food in a while. Maybe he’s dealing with a death in his family, and he uses food to help cope with his grief. Let’s not judge the hawk until we know the full story.

There’s also a chance that the rabbit in this video was going through a Final Destination scenario after the family rescued it from starving to death. If you haven’t seen the Final Destination movies, here’s a trailer for the first one.

Again, if a Final Destination scenario was set in motion when the family rescued the rabbit, then the hawk may have been the most merciful way for the rabbit to go. The numerous Final Destination sequels clearly showed that you cannot cheat death and get away with it. Death will track you down and find a way to finish you off, even when you think you’re safe because you’re in a coffee shop and it’s been a few months since someone you know died.

Do you really wish that this bunny escaped his fate and lived the rest of his life in constant terror? Of course you don’t. This is just how the food chain works.

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