Melissa George on THE GOOD WIFE [See Her Tonight]

Melissa George on The Good Wife


We know that everybody will be breaking their ankles in a rush to watch the series finale of Breaking Bad tonight–but Melissa George is too good to ignore on The Good Wife. Especially since that series has been pushing all kinds of sexual boundaries while trying to stay relevant as an aging show. Never mind about Julianna Margulies as the lead character trying to save a convict from execution. We have Melissa in what should become a regular role as a politician’s advisor who specializes in ethics–on a show that managed to squeeze in lesbian love and some S&M in a perfectly ethical rush for ratings.

We’re hoping that Melissa George–aka TheMGeorge on Twitter–signed on for something just as savvy. She’s supposed to provide some sexual tension with Chris Noth, who plays a former state attorney who was caught consorting with hookers. We’ve been hooked on Melissa ever since she showed up with fellow Aussie Heath Ledger in the short-lived FOX series Roar. That was back in 1997. Melissa went on to the big-screen in the great sci-fi saga Dark City and the moody indie The Limey. Melissa also helped make things clear in David Lynch’s muddled masterpiece Mulholland Drive, and was all-American as a bank-robbing cheerleader in the underseen Sugar and Spice.

Then she signed on with John Stamos for the pretty dopey 2001 series Thieves. Melissa recovered with a classy stint on the Alias spy series, and made it back to the multiplexes as Ryan Reynold’s wife in the 2005 remake of The Amityville Horror. She also did great work as the female lead in 30 Days of Night. Melissa was also pretty amazing as a betrayed superspy in the Cinemax original series Hunted–which didn’t get enough attention, but did provide a ravishing regular role for Indian actress Indira Varma. Melissa keeps haunting our lives as a horror-film regular, too–although this Good Wife gig  came about after her own failed pilot to star in a show called Gothica that incorporated Dorian Gray, Dracula, and other public-domain fantasy figures. We’ll be looking for a bootleg of that at in a couple of weeks. For now, though, let’s look at Melissa in this very good gallery…

Antoinette Kalaj is DON JON’s Addiction (and RIDDICK’s Temptation)
Antoinette Kalaj is DON JON’s Addiction (and RIDDICK’s Temptation)
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