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Watch Steve Martin On The Late Show With David Letterman [Video]


Steve Martin has been a regular guest on The Late Show with David Letterman for many years, and he stopped by the show last night for another hilarious interview. Martin is one of the few guests on Letterman who is able to poke fun at Dave as if they are good friends. Unless the guest is someone like Bill Murray, they usually don’t spend the first part of the interview congratulating Letterman on his 20th anniversary by telling him he looks like he’s exactly twenty years older.

After the initial insults, the interview turned slightly more serious when Martin began to discuss the honorary Academy Award he’s going to receive for his body of work. Even while discussing who he is going to bring to the ceremony, Martin manages to get in a few more jabs at Dave.

Once the congratulations about 20th anniversaries and honorary Academy Awards were out of the way, the interview became much sillier. Letterman is known for wearing double-breasted suits, but he makes the curious decision to not button up the suit. Although Martin admits he’s no fashion expert, he asked Dave about his peculiar style choice.

Martin has a pretty good point, but when you’re David Letterman, you get to wear a suit however you want. Although Martin and Letterman have both been in show business for many years, they still worry somewhat about their appearance. Staying in shape obviously becomes a little more difficult when you get older, so thankfully Martin was able to show a clip from his homemade weight loss video on Dave’s show.

You probably already know that Steve Martin plays the banjo and has been touring with the Steep Canyon Rangers and Edie Brickell throughout the United States. A few years ago, Martin created the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass. The winner this year was Jens Kruger who performed on the show after Martin’s interview. Martin knows that some people may not be the biggest fans of banjo music, but he knows what people want. Before he left the show, he showed a sneak peak at his new video game Grand Theft Banjo.

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