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Olivia Wilde: Woman Who Won The Week [Photos]


Olivia Wilde‘s new movie “Rush,” directed by Ron Howard and starring Chris Hemsworth and David Bruhl, opens this weekend. Sure, we don’t know yet how successful the movie is going to be, but since it involves Howard, Hemsworth and Wilde, we think it’s going to do just fine.

There were obviously some other candidates who could have won this week’s award, but why not give it to Olivia Wilde? It’s not often that you get to star in a Hollywood blockbuster that’s directed by a legend and features fast cars and heavy boozing. Also, according to our review of the movie, the film has “neck-breaking sex scenes” and “full-throttle sex sequences.” If that’s not enough to get you to see the movie, we don’t know what is.

If you need another reason to get excited about seeing Olivia Wilde in “Rush” this weekend, the movie might bring back the era when movie stars were total badasses who actually knew how to race cars. We told you yesterday how Paul Newman, James Garner and Steve McQueen actually knew what they were doing behind the wheel. If this movie turns out to be a success, maybe some of today’s leading men will put in some extra work and learn how to drive a stick shift.

Yeah, it’s not necessary that actors actually know how to do most of the badass things they’re doing in the movies, but it’s just cool when they do. It’s a stretch to think that the success of this film could cause that to happen, but it’s possible. So go see it!

In addition to starring in this new Hollywood blockbuster, Wilde is also on the October cover of “Allure.” If you can’t wait until “Rush” actually hits the theaters, then you can always go get a copy at your local newsstand. Yeah, we know that you’re probably not into “Allure.” Neither are we. Actually, we haven’t ever looked at a copy of the magazine, but it’s probably got some hot pictures of Olivia Wilde in it.

Hey! Speaking of hot pictures of Olivia Wilde, we have some of those for you too. Enjoy!

via ET Online

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