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Celebrate National Hunting And Fishing Day [Videos]


You’re probably already tired of hearing this today, but happy National Hunting and Fishing Day! If you haven’t heard of this day before, then it’s time you turn off your computer, grab a rod or a rifle and head to the great outdoors. In honor of this glorious day, we’ve found some videos of people who wanted to get in the spirit of National Hunting and Fishing Day, but made a few mistakes along the way.

The man in the first video is Bill Dance, who is actually the 2013 National Chairman of National Hunting and Fishing Day. He inteded to be a doctor until he saw a horrible motorcycle accident and decided to become a professional bass fisherman instead. Dance is actually an incredibly skilled angler who is known for hosting his own show “Bill Dance Outdoors” for several years. Despite his extensive fishing skills, Dance is also known for his blooper compilations on YouTube. There’s nothing funnier than watching a Southern man say “Dadgummit!” in frustration.

We wanted to find some other good-natured hunting mishaps that are similar to Dance’s fishing mishaps, but that proved to be a little more difficult. As you can imagine, most “bloopers” involving shotguns and rifles aren’t that funny. So we found the next best thing: rednecks getting drunk and shooting televisions.

Clearly, this video is proof that America has the best sports fans in the world. Maybe the rest of the world wouldn’t have so many dangerous soccer riots if they just let their citizens buy guns? You don’t need to blow off steam after your team wins by throwing a brick through a store front window when you can shoot a television with an assault rifle in the woods. That’s just common sense.

For anyone who thinks that the people in this video are dumb rednecks, you have to check out the video below. Could a dumb redneck really afford to fly a plane and have that many spare televisions? Actually, they probably can be dumb rednecks who just happen to be very rich. Or maybe everything just costs less in rural Louisiana.

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