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Steam Announces New Controller, No Half-Life 3


Everyone was hoping (and expecting) that Valve would present Half-Life 3 as part 3 of their week’s worth of announcements, but they threw the gaming world a curveball with this: the Steam Controller.

On Monday Valve announced that they were releasing an operating system, on Wednesday they informed us that they were designing their very own console, and now they’ve completed their console by designing a controller. And while the controller does feature two trackpads, one touchscreen, and zero joysticks, IT DOESN’T COME INSTALLED WITH HALF-LIFE 3.

Needless to say, more than a few people are (myself included) are a little pissed and surprised.

Listen, I’m a homer for consoles (Mac user here) and have no issue declaring that but I have no idea how Valve is hoping to compete in a market without a first-party game that’s going to drive new users to their company. But hey, that’s their strategy and they’ve done a great job with their company so far.

That being said, the new Steam Controller is completely f*cking with my mind so maybe I’m just out of the loop. Here are some of the major differences between this controller and anything else you’ve ever seen before:

• What you know as the ABXY buttons are now split onto two sides (instead of the right which you’re used to). This means that both your thumbs will be kept very busy.

• There are no joysticks. Only trackpads. These are also buttons that can be clicked.

• It’s completely open to be hacked. PC games require different actions, so this makes complete sense.

• The touchscreen in the middle isn’t actually a touchscreen, it requires a hard push. Valve claims that it will make a “click” noise too.

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