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Monique Ganderton on SLEEPY HOLLOW [See Her Tonight]


Monique Ganderton on Sleepy Hollow


It was probably inevitable that Monique Ganderton would first make it big in Hollywood as a stuntwoman. She’s a stunningly sexy gal who started out as a model–although Monique was also busy snowboarding, diving, riding, and kicking ass while studying martial arts. The studios love her because she’s tall and tough and looks perfectly natural while filling in for the likes of Rebecca Romijn, Sigourney Weaver, and Nicole Kidman.

Monique is also an actress, though, and we’re getting a gander of her tonight on Sleepy Hollow. Actually, some of us will be enjoying her for the second time this week. Tonight’s episode is a rerun to help promote the new show. It’s not hard to find Monique in the movies, either. She stood out amongst the mayhem of Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch, and was the sexiest vampire amongst the hordes in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. She also enjoyed an extended stint on the Smallville series as a cloned Kandorian soldier who made a compelling case for living under General Zod. We didn’t even mind when Monique killed Chloe in an alternate timeline. Making an omelette, people.

In fact, let’s go ahead and enjoy some of Monique’s action-packed work before we get off on to her action-packed gallery…

Pretty cool, huh? It’s no surprise than an overachiever like Monique has also been busy writing, producing, and directing herself in some short films. And it looks like Monique has finally landed herself a starring role in the upcoming low-budget The Hunted–which is spun off from a web series and features the tag line, “Vampires–Time To Put An End To This Crap.” That will hopefully turn out better than her turn in 2011’s Bad Meat, which is part of a subgenre of Horror Movies That Ran Out of Money for a Decent Ending. (See: 1993’s Ticks.) You’ll also want to check out Sleepy Hollow for Nicole Benhaire, who made our Favorite Girls of the New Fall Season–but we’re going to be losing our heads over Monique Ganderton tonight.

Yeah. That’s not a bad joke. It’s a literary reference. Just watch the show, after you check out some pics that’ll get you moving to follow Mo’ on Twitter. And there are even mo’ Monique pics at her official site

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