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Google Breaks Out the Pinata for Its 15th Birthday Party


There will always be debate over what is exactly Google’s birthday–so it’s pretty clever of the brand to declare September 27th as the site’s official anniversary. It also gives us something to look forward to when we begin our drudgery on this most special of days. Actually, Google has taken to celebrating so many random birthdays that we sometimes get confused. We see the bright colors of the usual Google logo and think that’s probably a celebration of the site’s birthday.

Anyway, get thee to Google and have some fun with today’s piñata game–especially if you came to us today by using Bing because you thought Andrew Garfield looked so cool in that Amazing Spider-Man movie. There was also some television show we saw the other day with a “Bing it!” reference…oh, yeah, it was Hawaii Five-0. We confirmed that by using Google. Zingy zing-zing, Bing!

And after you’ve whacked your morning piñata–and gone to Google–check out our tribute to the 60 Greatest Google Doodles of all time. Seriously, the company keeps knocking those out. It’s a pretty amazing collection of cool and colorful graphics. Our favorite Google stunt, however, is probably still the Google Moogle Synthesizer. That was the working keyboard that Google put together to celebrate what would’ve been the 78th birthday of pioneering inventor Robert Moog. You can find still plenty of videos where musicians jumped onto jamming like crazy with Google that day.

And, of course, Google is a valuable tool to us here at COED when it’s time to check out the 50 Most Popular Women on the Web. Check out what Google did for us back in 2011. Yeah, that’ll get you googling.

This piñata doodle is fun, though. Our only problem with today’s Google game is that the little “g” makes a sad face when you’re whacking at the piñata and don’t score enough candy. We felt really bad about that. It was like being some kind of scary clown making a mess out of the birthday party. Don’t make us feel like scary clowns, Google. That is evil, and we all know that you’ve ceded all evil activities to Bing.

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