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Care To Try This $2000 A Bottle Beer?


You college kids tired of your Natty Light? How about you recent grads with your Bud Lights on special at happy hour? Or you late-20’s and older lads who consider yourself a “Beer Conesouire” because you drink Blue Moon? Well if you have the cash, Hair Of The Dog may be worth it.

Here are the details of the guaranteed delicious brew via MSN:

Hair of the Dog Brewing Company in Portland, Ore., announced on Twitter Wednesday that it has begun selling Hair of the Dog Dave for $2,000 per 12-ounce bottle. Why so expensive? Dave is one of the rarest beers in existence. At 29 percent alcohol by volume, it was made back in 1994 by freezing 300 gallons of the brewery’s Adam beer multiple times to reduce it down to under 100 gallons. Apparently, that makes it super delicious. On top of that, Hair of the Dog is donating all proceeds to Guide Dogs for the Blind. So you can feel good about dropping two grand on beer.

Just hook it up to my veins!!! Do we have it in the budget it to send a case to our beer guy, The Professor, for a review? I’m gonna say no.

  • COED Writer