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Brown University Is Not My #1 Choice To See Host ‘Nudity Week’


Students at Brown University are losing their clothes for one week in order to celebrate nudity. Excuse me if I’m happy for one brief moment that I’m not a student at an Ivy League school.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate naked female college students as much as any other guy would but the kind of student that attends Brown University and is willing to partake in this event does not strike strike me as someone I’d like to see naked.

If this was at maybe a school like Texas or Oregon, that’s another story altogether.

If you’re a resident of Providence or attend Brown University, don’t expect to see every student ditching their underwear–this “Nudity in the Upspace” series of events is strictly limited to certain areas. Here’s a listing of their events.

Thursday (9/26): One act and selected scenes from Much Ado About Nothing.

Friday night (9/27): Friday night’s A Devised Piece of Nudity, “the manifesto” of the week, will feature seven actors performing an original work.

Saturday night (9/28): A nude cabaret/open mike with bowtied, naked hors d’oeuvres

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