Antoinette Kalaj is DON JON’s Addiction (and RIDDICK’s Temptation)

Anyone remember when Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s movie Don Jon was called Don Jon’s Addiction? We think we found the addiction. Antoinette Kalaj really stands out in an amazing cast of beautiful babes. We’re talking about a movie where Julianne Moore is supposed to be the frumpy gal. Don Jon, of course, is about a shallow guy who learns that there is more to life than watching porn and chasing girls. We’re now inspired to watch Antoinette Kalaj and chase…um, Antoinette Kalaj. But not in any kind of creepy way. We’ll settle for her starting a Twitter account.

Anyway, this is a big month for Antoinette. We actually recognized her name in the Don Jon credits. That’s because Antoinette Kalaj is more than just the name of Don Jon’s addiction. She’s also the temptation of Vin Diesel in Riddick. Remember that scene where Riddick is stranded on the alien planet and thinks back to when he was a bored king who couldn’t even bother to get into bed with his sexy bisexual consorts? One of them was none other than Antoinette. Damn right we checked the credits for her name.

It turns out that Antoinette was also one of the mermaids in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. That was back when the Albanian beauty was known as¬†Antoinette Nikprelaj. We’re not sure why she shortened her name. We guarantee that we would’ve remembered it. By any name, however, Antoinette is beginning to get around. She’ll turn up as another temptress in the upcoming Ninja Apocalypse (which we probably would’ve watched even without her presence). The really big news is that Antoinette has the title role in a new romantic drama called Mining for Ruby. The movie stars Billy Zane, so it’ll probably be premiering at your local Redbox.

The same goes for the upcoming La Migra, with Antoinette mixing some crime with her romance. ¬†We’re still excited to see Antoinette getting some lead roles. She can lead us along any time that she’d like–and you’ll agree as you check out these addictive pics, or try starting with some fabulous video…


You’ll also run off to see Don Jon. Or Riddick. Probably Riddick, right? Yeah, we understand. And if you’re interested in more Albanian beauties, don’t miss our Miss Universe coverage

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