Stand-Up Comic / Daily Beast Correspondent Twitter Punch Out: Tomo News Style

You might know about the nerdy Washington, D.C. brawl at the Improv comedy club. It’s inspired some pretty hot gossip, with a stand-up comic and a Daily Beast correspondent getting into a fight during the semi-annual “Funniest Celebrity in Washington” Competition, Or, more accurately, the slap flight and shoving match that passes for a brawl at an event like the “Funniest Celebrity in Washington” Competition. Just imagine the kind of smug and self-adoring crowd that would show up at a comedy club to hear political pundits like Ralph Nader share their wittiest commentary. Yeah. It’s pretty bad.

That’s why everyone’s going to enjoy this Taiwanese animation that perfectly recreates the confrontation between “100% Clean Comedian” Dan Nanian and Daily Beat correspondent Josh Rogin. The fine folks at Tomo News have captured the true spirit of this tussle–which, we’ll remind you, began when Josh Rogin felt compelled to Twitter some comments about Dan Nanian. The stand-up comic was supposedly there to provide some actual comic content between the amateur acts.

Rogin felt compelled to note that Nanian was churning out some really tired material. Nanian saw the Tweets, and…well, we have to assume that the comic was compelled to prove that he was just as nerdy as the thin-skinned media types who were populating the bar. Nanian sought out his internet heckler and actually punched Rogin. Then he shoved Rogin. And then he hit Rogin again. Probably while all of Rogin’s fellow media types were Tweeting about the sordid affair.

Check out this video and marvel at how perfectly Tomo is able to recreate the exact nature of this battle. This animation couldn’t be more perfect in summing up the tense encounter. Not that we believe that anybody should be punching anybody in the face over a Twitter account. We do too much Tweeting to set ourselves up for that kind of literal punch line. Violence is wrong–but the way that Tomo goofs on this affair is perfectly correct. And to think that some people suggest that Tomo isn’t a legitimate news agency. Those are the same types of people who probably attend the “Funniest Celebrity in Washington” Competition…


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FYI: Your New $100 Bill Could Be Worth Well More Than $100
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