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Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man Turns 75: Happy Birthday, Jonathan Goldsmith [MEMES]


It’s the 75th birthday of Jonathan Goldsmith–who’s enjoying his golden years as the Dos Equis spokesman known as The Most Interesting Man in the World. It’s a reminder that the marketing geniuses at Dos Equis might really be marketing geniuses. They couldn’t have done much better in plucking a working actor from obscurity and turning him into a corporate spokesman. The New York City native is seen doing all kinds of things in the Dos Equis television commercials before passing on some sage advice. In actuality, Goldsmith has had a pretty amazing existence himself.

Just consider that Goldsmith appeared in the Star Trek episode titled “The Corbomite Maneuver” and actually survived the entire episode--even though he was playing a red-shirted crewman. Goldsmith has also managed to appear in a really amazing collection of films both cultish and classic. Reclusive millionaire Howard Hughes was obsessed with the 1968 spy thriller Ice Station Zebra, and would’ve probably recognized Goldsmith as person from the actor’s small role as a Russian aide. He shows up in one of the Mission: Impossible episodes that reunited series star Leonard Nimoy with Mark Lenard–who played Spock’s father on Star Trek. He was killed by John Wayne in The Duke’s last film. (That would be 1976’s The Shootist.) He managed to appear in three different episodes of the William Shatner cop show T.J. Hooker.

Goldsmith also maintained a steady acting career right up to 2003–even though he changed his screen name from Jonathan Lippe to Jonathan Goldsmith in 1977. That’s a tough feat for any actor to manage. Goldsmith might have been thinking about retirement, but that obviously all changed when Dos Equis came calling. The commercials could’ve turned him into a joke, but there was something about Goldsmith that really made people feel respectful. To the point, in fact, that the Most Interesting Man in the World has ultimately ended up as an internet meme celebrating the average guy. We’ve chosen our favorite here–along with a few ringers to keep things…um, interesting.

Goldsmith, of course, is enjoying turning 75 in style. Dos Equis is throwing him a nice party next week, and he has some really dedicated fans now–especially after his recent classy turn doing an AMA on Reddit. That stunt also informed people of Goldsmith’s exotic charity work, which is really damn interesting. So check out the memes, and then ponder doing one yourself….

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