Caitlin Carver on GLEE [See Her Tonight]

Caitlin Carver guests on Glee


Tonight’s the night that Demi Lovato shows up on Glee as the new lesbian love of Naya Rivera–but we’re getting all gleeful over Caitlin Carver. For good reason, too, since Caitlin is one of our favorite young models/actresses/dancers/etc. We’re not really sure what all Caitlin can do. She can sure get our attention, though. We won’t pretend that we noticed Caitlin dancing behind Beyonce doing “Run the World” at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards. (We think Beyonce had her pushed off over to the side.) Sadly, Caitlin didn’t really catch our eye until she showed up on the VH1 cheerleading drama Hit the Floor.

She had a thankless role amongst a slew of Devil Girl cheerleaders, but the Alabama native stood out amongst her generic co-stars. Some smart producer must have picked up on her Southern flair, too. Caitlin appeared on an episode of Nashville last year as one of Hayden Panettiere’s back-up dancers. Hayden’s hot pants were a carefully-measured half-inch shorter than the other gals, but it was Caitlin who inspired us to measure that detail.

Thankfully, the Nashville producers have decided that Hayden’s country diva character is staying loyal to her backup crew. Caitlin will be showing up on at least two additional episodes of the show’s second season. But what of Caitlin Carver on tonight’s Glee? We’re not sure what to expect. She’s playing a character billed as “Vocal Adrenalin.” That sounds more like a cartoon character. Or maybe a punk rocker who’s going to join Demi and Naya into turning Glee into the FOX network’s version of The L Word. Okay, that’s probably not realistic, but neither is that billing. We’re mostly really curious to see if this means that Caitlin can sing as well as she dances.

We’d also like to see more of Caitlin as an actress. That’s probably in the gal’s very bright future. We’re following her intently via Twitter, and hoping that Vocal Adrenalin somehow becomes a big Twitter trend tonight. That’s not such a crazy idea. Check out these pics, and you’ll see why Vocal Adrenalin might even be a bigger deal than Glee’s lesbian love scene…

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