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Stephen Merchant Outdances Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync-Off


We started today with a Birthday Rap Off, but let’s go ahead and concede that Jimmy Fallon already outdid us with last night’s Lip Sync Off between Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Stephen Merchant. The internet knows and adores Joseph Gordon Levitt, of course, but Stephen Merchant was certainly more of an underdog. He’s fairly well known in some circles (cough-geek-coughs) as a co-creator of the original UK version of The Office. Merchant is also getting his own shot at American fame, with the 6’7″ actor starring as a socially-inept wannabe stud in the new HBO series Hello Ladies. The problem is that Merchant will have a hard time passing as a loser after showing off some amazing dance moves in last night’s Late Night competition with Joseph Gordon-Levitt–who, you might remember, once wowed the Saturday Night Live audience with his own fancy footwork…

Yeah, there was a lot of talk about Gordon-Levitt playing The Riddler in the Dark Knight franchise after that. The Late Night producers were pretty savvy to combine the known talent and the unknown contender in what turned out to be one of the most amazing Lip Sync-Offs in the history of…well, Late Night. Check it out for yourself…

But what about that history of Late Night Lip Sync-Offs? Well, there really hasn’t been much of one–but everyone in the Late Night audience knew what was happening because of an earlier bout between Jimmy Fallon and John Krasinski–who, of course, is an alumni of the proud American version of The Office. It was a truly touching display of brotherly competition as Jimmy and Johnny faced off over a Boys II Men competition.

We’re not sure why nobody ever mentions the Katy Perry song, though. That was also an important part of the contest. Anyway, it’s nice to know that this Lip Sync-Off thing will likely become a regular part of the Late Night experience. That has to be a relief for the Late Night writing staff, too. Stephen Merchant and Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be hard to top, but it has to be easier to throw some guests together instead of getting Brian Williams to rap….

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