Chasty Ballesteros on THE LEAGUE [See Her Tonight]

Chasty Ballesteros on The League

(10:30 PM EST, FXX)

Not to brag, but we were ditching our chastity over the lovely Chasty Ballesteros during the first season of HBO’s The Newsroom. (We were also riled up over costar Riley Voelkel.) We are going to brag about how we were even earlier fans of Chasty–whose chest we first noticed in Final Destination 5 as a spa receptionist worth a fatal rubdown. It was such a small role that we didn’t think we’d see her again. Then our geekery paid off when we discovered Chasty as an ass-kicking superbabe on the demonic Canadian show Divine. That was followed by her stealing scenes in shows like How I Met Your Mother and Criminal Minds.

We still didn’t think that Tea was going to be the kind of role that would let Chasty Ballesteros become a household name–or even a fine dirty joke. We were wrong, though. Don’t be fooled just because Chasty is playing a generic stripper on tonight’s episode of The League. For one thing, there’s no such thing as a generic stripper when you cast a talent like Charty Ballesteros. Also, tonight’s appearance is just part of what’s becoming a stellar 2013 for the fine actress. The League is a pretty prestigious show, after all, and Chasty has also already shown up in two episodes of this season’s Sons of Anarchy. Yes, her hooker character doesn’t have an actual name, but that’s okay. Her character is named “Carly” when she shows up on the new Robin Williams series The Crazy Ones, and you can get depraved over her continuing role as Rachel Ward in the net series A Girl’s Guide to Depravity.

Even better, Chasty is moving into the real big leagues with a major role in the upcoming Star Trek: Renegades. Never mind that she’s cast along veteran Syfy movie star Corin Nemec. We know that Chasty’s going to make her role extremely memorable–and her turn in the Star Trek franchise also means that there’s a good chance that we’ll be seeing her live and in person at a few sci-fi conventions someday. You can see her right now, and be sure to see her tonight–which you probably would have anyway, right? Nobody misses The League …

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