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Lizzy Caplan In GQ Is All You Need To Get Hooked On ‘The Masters Of Sex’ [PHOTOS]


Lizzy Caplan, the star of the new Showtime series Masters of Sex, can now tack on an appearance in GQ to her list of accomplishments. A sexy photo shoot featuring the actress is due out in magazine stores this October but we’ve got a sneak peek for y’all right now. [lead image credit: Steven Pan / GQ]

I first remember Lizzy in True Blood when she played Jason’s girlfriend who got him hooked on vampire blood while others got their first taste for her in Party Down. Either way we can agree that her appearances were too short.

The good news for Lizzy’s fans is that Masters of Sex is likely to stay on the air for awhile. And for good reason. According to the interview that accompanies the hot shoot, Lizzy’s confident that “If you watch Masters of Sex, you will score chicks.” Sounds like a pretty good pitch to me.

To see the full interview and higher quality photos of her GQ feature, head on over to the official GQ site here.

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