Islands are Rock and Roll Legends–and Pals with Michael Cera, Bill Hader, and more… [VIDEO]

Did you know that the new Islands‘ album Ski Mask is legendary rock ‘n roll? That’s the official word from the promotional video released today. Of course, some of us don’t have to be convinced. Islands has made a few brilliant albums that combine California pop with Caribbean touches and rustic settings. They’re certainly one of Montreal’s most shining bands. It’s even more impressive when you consider that their catalog is essentially variations on hipster covers of the Beach Boys’ “Kokomo.” Ski Mask is their dreamiest album yet–and so it’s kind of appropriate that they’re touring behind a real dream of a mockumentary.

The video below will teach you several things about Islands. Mainly that they have some famous fans, like Michael Cera in his role as a former member of the band. He’s also the promotional video’s producer, which explains why you’re also getting a fun appearance by  Alia Shawkat. That’s it for Arrested Development alumni, though. How about Bill Hader? He’s in this thing, along with a few other folks you might recognize from cult comedy acts. Check it out, and be pretty impressed by this doesn’t play out in a really expected manner….


It’s probably worth noting (again) that Ski Mask isn’t really a big change in Islands’ musical direction. Also, even though this is a mockumentary, it is absolutely true that Islands has lyrics in their songs. We can only hope that the stuff about the therapist is true. We can absolutely guarantee that we’ll be seeing Islands as they tour the country. We don’t know why they’re not getting to New York City until the end of the tour, but we can be patient. We’re just glad that they don’t have so many famous friends that they’ve moved beyond playing the cozy Bowery Ballroom here in Manhattan. Check them out near you, before they get as rich and famous as Michael Cera…

Tour dates:

09/25 Santa Ana, CA–The Constellation Room
09/26 Los Angeles, CA–Eagle Rock Center for the Arts
09/27 San Diego, CA–Casbah
10/08 Boston, MA–Great Scott
10/09 Montreal, QC–Il Motore
10/10 Toronto, ON–The Garrison
10/11 Detroit, MI–The Loving Touch
10/12 Madison, WI–Der Rathskeller
10/13 Minneapolis, MN–7th Street Entry
10/14 Chicago, IL–Empty Bottle
10/16 Washington, DC–Empty Bottle
10/17 Philadelphia, PA–Johnny Brenda’s
10/20 New York, NY–Bowery Ballroom

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