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Hey Handsome: Let Us See Your Grill


Today’s grooming tip may not be the most innovative, but it’s probably the most important we’ve featured to date. We hope you have a solid brush / floss / mouthwash routine going to take care of that handsome grim you’re wearing (if not, please come to the principal’s office immediately). But have you ever thought about upgrading from that green, white and red striped stuff you’ve been using since age 3?¬†Desert Essence¬†has arrived to prove there’s more to oral care (go ahead, laugh) than you think.

Okay, so Desert Essence already made an entrance 35 years ago when the company was founded in 1978, but chances are you haven’t heard of the line until now. Drawing inspiration from the desert, “a model of pristine balance and sustainability where limited resources, if used responsibly, offer the body and spirit untold benefits,” they use only the best, nutrient-rich botanicals in their products. Known for their healing properties, ingredients like tea tree, jojoba, aloe and argan oil soothe, nurture and restore. Can you think of a better way to treat your teeth after a day of talking, chomping and slurping down cups coffee and beer?

We’re not saying to throw away all the products in your medicine cabinet and start from scratch, but we are telling you to try Desert Essence’s Ultra Care Mega Mint Toothpaste. It uses natural extracts, essential oils and minerals to reduce plaque and freshen breath. Chamomile, sage and calendula soothe gums. What you won’t get? Harsh abrasives, dangerous chemicals, synthetic sweeteners and artificial flavors are never included.

Grab a tube of Desert Essence Ultra Care Mega Mint Toothpaste, flash a smile and bag that babe looking at you from across the bar.

  • COED Writer