Attention American Men: Testicle Biting Fish Have Made Their Way To The United States

This is literally nuts.

Here are the cringful details coming straight out of the swamps of New Jersey:

77-year-old Tom Boylan caught the 10-inch fish on Saturday he was struck by how much it looked like a piranha and took it home and stored it in his freezer overnight. The next day he visited a local aquarium and was told the fish was in fact a pacu, known as the ‘Ball Cutter’, the pacu has reportedly been responsible for the deaths of two fishermen in the Pacific, who died from blood loss after the fish had bitten off their testicles.

So take note, gentlemen. Be mindful of your boys while taking a dip in the Dirty Jerz or else you may have the worst day of your life. But then again, if you’re already swimming in the lakes of New Jersey, testicle biting fish may be the least of your worries.

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