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Aaron Paul Has a NEED FOR SPEED, Kurt Russell Gets FAST ‘n FURIOUS [VIDEO]


Aaron Paul stars in a trailer for Need for Speed while Kurt Russell hits the set of Fast & Furious 7. (At least it might be called that.) That all makes for a speedy day in movie news. There’s a lot more Wednesday wreckage courtesy of Aaron Paul, who really might be ready to try becoming an action star. He’s enjoyed lots of acclaim as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad, but Jessie isn’t the type of guy who’d save the world from international terrorists. You may have noticed that Jesse’s idea of being a tough guy is saying “b*tch” a lot. (Here’s our supercut reminder.) Aaron mostly just gave us the creeps in the Last House on the Left remake–but check him out here, and see how he looks as a wronged mechanic sent to prison by an ex-NASCAR driver…

Yeah, it looks like Aaron can be pretty kick-ass when he has a car doing all the ass-kicking. We also like that slo-mo wipeout shot with Aaron and his love interest flying through the air. We’re kind of feeling the need, just as the trailer promised–and this one still has to find time to cram in plenty of romance to convince our girlfriends to attend. The only real disappointment is yet another shot of a car getting rammed from the side. Yes, Hollywood, we get it. You have the technology.

Meanwhile, as noted, Kurt Russell has made it to the Fast and Furious 7 shoot. We know that because Vin Diesel was kind enough to post a picture from his Facebook page….

Yeah, that’s alright. At least it confirms that Kurt is really in the movie. That guy has passed up on too many opportunities lately to show off his bad-assery. We were afraid that he was going to drop out of this one, too. We don’t really learn anything from that pic, of course, except that Vin gets to wear a suit and that Kurt Russell’s character seems to be a suit. We were kind of hoping he’d be some psycho biker or something. It’ll be a little disappointing if Kurt just turns out to be a Fed of some sort. Still, it’s a start to our anticipation. If you need more from Vin, then check out the video below for a little backstage tour of the Fast 7 action. (The movie might be called that, too.) Vin seems to be in a pretty good mood here. He’d probably just gotten the box-office returns for Riddick and saw that he was going to keep his house…

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