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TomorrowWorld TV Will Offer Online Stream Of Festival


If your name isn’t Cameron and you didn’t win the two tickets we gave away to Tomorrowworld, the good news is that you can still get in on festival’s insanity with Tomorrowworld TV, courtesy of YouTube and Motorola.

From 7 PM to 2 AM EST on September 27th-29th, TomorrowWorld TV will be live streaming the best of live performances, interviews, and backstage action.

Live streams of festivals have been a rising trend and I can say personally that it’s one I like seeing. Not only is the production of electronic music festivals top-notch (TomorrowWorld especially), the quality of these streams have increased ten-fold since their first iterations.

We’ll make sure to post the live stream along with a schedule as soon as possible.

For now, keep this Tomorrowland 2013 aftermovie on repeat

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