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Scottsdale, AZ Costco Selling $17,000 Bottle Of Scotch


Leave it to the ridiculous party animals of Scottsdale, AZ to sell a bottle of $17,000 Macallan  (aged 60 years) at a Costco. The bottle in question is one of only 400 bottles ever made and is made of Lalique crystal. Even crazier is that only 72 of those 400 bottles are for sale here in the United States.

The crazy thing is that even at $17,000 Costco has marked down the cost from the suggested retail price. Currently there’s a bottle available on Uncrated for $20,000 so there’s no telling what an actual retailer would sell it for. A bar would sell you a glass for $1000.

I can hear see the receipt for this transaction now:

• One crate of Sugarfree Red Bull

• One bag of assorted v-necks (assorted colors)

• 12-pack of travel-sized self tanners

• One bag of black sweatbands

• Big tub of sunflower seeds

• 60-Year-Old Bottle of Mccallan

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