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New Miley Cyrus Video Has Her Smokin’ (Plus Her Nude Twitpics)


It wasn’t enough for Miley Cyrus to start our day with pictures of her twerking with a monkey and a puppet. She was just getting us wound up for her shocking new appearance in the video for “#23”–that being the new song by Mike WiLL Made It. He’s the veteran Atlanta hip-hop producer who’s getting ready to drop his debut album soon. He’s calling in all the right friends, too. “#23” also has Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa in the mix. The video, however, features Miley Cyrus as the ultimate high-school bad girl. She’s actually smoking cigarettes. Seriously, see for yourself…

We’re thinking that Miley might have finally gone a cig too far with this one. Even the most liberal parent throws a tantrum when a pop star tries to make smoking look cool.

Or sexy. Yeah. Miley kind of makes smoking look sexy in this video. She’s also playing a prank on a school principal who finds his desk disrupted by Mike WiLL Made It, who starts throwing down the beats and turns the high school into the most happening club on the planet. That includes Miley showing up again as a head cheerleader who’ll make you forget all about Avril Lavigne. In fact, we’re thinking that Liam Hemsworth’s penis is on suicide watch right now.

We’re really curious to see how the tobacco backlash works for Miley. The new issue of Rolling Stone already has her casually admitting that she sang about Molly during the MTV Music Video Awards. Here’s the quote:

America is just so weird in what they think is right and wrong. Like, I was watching Breaking Bad the other day, and they were cooking meth. I could literally cook meth because of that show. It’s a how-to. And then they bleeped out the word “f*ck.” And I’m like, really? They killed a guy, and disintegrated his body in acid, but you’re not allowed to say ‘f*ck’? It’s like when they bleeped “molly” at the VMAs. Look what I’m doing up here right now, and you’re going to bleep out “molly”? ¬†Whatever.”

The closed captioning during the Video Music Awards still had Miley invoking her own name instead of the popular drug. We weren’t really sure if Miley had sung “molly” or “Miley,” so it’s nice of her to clear that up. We’re going to add a few more pics from “#23” to clear up a few things ourselves. All those jump cuts might have you checking out Mike WiLL’s beats instead of Miley’s young beauty. Here are a few shots that you might miss. We left out the split-second where Miley’s head appears upside-down, though. That’s too artsy for us.

We also want to thank Miley for some very generous Twitpics today, as well–gathered here for your pleasure. It includes the Rolling Stone cover shot…

And check out these pics from Miley’s shoot with Terry Richardson. That guy’s probably crying tears of joy over this video for “#23.” We’d make fun of him if we weren’t misty-eyed ourselves…

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