Hottest Girls of Fall TV, 2013: New Faces and Old(ish) Favorites

We’re now launching into the start of the 2013 Fall Television Season–that special time of year when the networks introduce new shows that try to win over audiences with innovative plotting and bold new formats. Ha-ha. Now you tell one. In truth, of course, we’re looking at a lot of new shows featuring a lot of hot babes. Some of them are plenty talented, though, and a few have even landed roles in television shows that seem very promising. No guarantees, though. Check out our favorite gals from the 2012 Fall Television Season, and see how many of those shows are still around. That’s why it’s also important to stalk stay in touch with our favorite small-screen sirens, so be sure to check out the Twitter accounts they use to talk to us little people…

Minka Kelly in Almost Human (Mondays on FOX)

Minka Kelly seemed almost a movie star when she scored a big cameo at the end of (500) Days of Summer. She was the gal named Autumn, whose name was a big closing moment that made people either sweetly smile or vilely vomit. Minka was just coming off Friday Night Lights then, but her next big move was on the very short-lived Charlie’s Angels revival. It was a pretty big shock when she popped back onto the big screen as fabulous First Lady Jackie Kennedy in Lee Daniels’ The Butler. Now she’s taking the lead in the new sci-fi show Almost Human, which premieres on Monday, November 4. She plays a future cop who’s working in a world where android detectives are paired with human partners. Yeah. The show’s even getting good reviews, and you’ll believe in man/machine romance after Minka has you falling in love with your television.

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Malin Akerman in The Trophy Wife (Tuesdays on ABC)

She’s always been a movie star to us, but Malin Akerman is finally succumbing to sitcom territory in this tale of a former wild gal who tries to settle down with a nice guy–who happens to have two bitter ex-wives and some creepy kids. We think it’s creepy that Hollywood never knew what to do with Malin’s star power. The offbeat superhero epic Watchmen was probably her best showcase, but Malin seemed to prefer even stranger film scripts. We certainly don’t begrudge her the chance to make a few bucks on a major network–especially after doing some work for Cartoon Network’s Children’s Hospital. We’ll be feeling great as we tune in for the September 24 premiere.

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Hannah Simone in New Girl (Tuesdays on FOX)

Technically, Hannah Simone isn’t a new face. We’re mainly thinking she might be a breakout star this year. She’s back on New Girl–which began its third season on September 17th–and people are going to be pretty impressed by her turn in Spike Lee’s upcoming remake of Oldboy when it opens November 27th.

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Hannah Ware in Betrayal (Sundays on ABC)

Hannah Ware is pretty well-connected as the daughter of a prominent British broadcaster, but it also takes natural star power for any gal’s career to move this fast.  She first hit Hollywood with a thankless role in the forgettable Bruce Willis/Tracey Morgan movie Cop-Out, but then held her own against Michael Fassbender holding his own in the sex-addiction drama Shame. At the same time, Hannah was proving to be the most memorable thing about Kelsey Grammar’s Showtime series Boss. Everyone with cable got their money’s worth when Hannah delivered a sizzling sex scene. Now she’s starring in the complex murder mystery Betrayal on ABC–and likely to pick up more followers as she joins Hannah Simone in the cast of the upcoming Oldboy. Hannah’s no fan of social media, but Twitter fans will be happy to learn that she has a talented pop star sister

Hilarie Burton in Hostages (Tuesdays on CBS)

Does anyone even remember that Hilarie Burton used to be a VJ on MTV? Or that she even played herself on Dawson’s Creek? Probably not. Everyone mostly watched her grow a few years older on One Tree Hill. That was before she enjoyed a stint on the USA Network’s White Collar. Then it looked like Hilarie was moving on to Grey’s Anatomy. We certainly enjoyed her turn as a lesbian surgeon who was out to bust up the happy relationship between Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw). Things didn’t work out, though, and now Hilarie’s gotten lucky with a turn on Hostages. The show is getting some decent hype, and Hilarie seems to have a really good role as the assistant to the scheming husband of a surgeon who’s been kidnapped by terrorists right before having to perform surgery on the President of the United States. We hope you’re set for the September 23 debut, because we get the feeling that the plot might get complicated. The show will make Hilarie’s life simpler. Her own scheming character on Grey’s Anatomy got her genuine death threats over trying to break up the fictional lesbian marriage. That’s probably why Hilarie doesn’t have a Twitter account.

Demi Lavota in Glee (Thursdays on FOX)

There’s more lesbianism afoot as former child star Demi Lovato reminds us that she’s all grown up by joining the cast of Glee–where she makes her debut on October 3rd during an episode dedicated to the Beatles. Demi won’t be screaming over mop-topped British boys, though. She’ll be too busy romancing Naya Rivera’s character of Santana. That’s what we call a very special episode, made even better by Demi hanging around for a proper story arc. We’re tuning in and hoping for some love scenes that are less “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” and more “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road.”

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Sarah Shahi in Person of Interest (Tuesdays on CBS)

It took a while, but Sarah Shahi is finally a permanent cast member of Person of Interest–which has plodded along nicely as one of television’s most underrated crime dramas. Sarah’s career has done pretty well, too, and we’ve sure been fans ever since she showed up on The L Word back in 2005. And for even more good news, Sarah is playing an assassin who recently failed to kill the very attractive computer hacker Root (played by Amy Acker). The producers say that’s only because Sarah’s character now wants to torture the hacker. Finally, a television show for people like us! Don’t interrupt us when the show returns on September 24th. We’ll be following Sarah’s Twitter account that night, too. She’s promising live tweeting and twerking!

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Ella Rae Peck in Welcome to the Family (Thursdays on NBC)

Will it be a laugh riot when a Caucasian woman falls in love with a man who comes with an entire Latino family in Welcome to the Family? Or will it just be some painful racial stereotyping that once again puts NBC at the bottom of the ratings? We do not know. We do know, however, that we will be watching for Ella Rae Peck, who we haven’t seen since Gossip Girl went off the air.

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Jessica De Gouw in Dracula (Fridays on NBC)

We’re not too excited over the idea of a television series about Dracula–but at least it’ll be easy to reboot the show if it isn’t getting ratings. They can always change the setting from Victorian-era London to, say, the Swinging Sixties. That’d probably be more fun. It would also free Jessica De Gouw to return to Arrow and get back to playing The Huntress. We really like that outfit. We’ll still give Jessica a chance to suck us into this show, though. We hear that vampire stories can get kind of sensual.

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Kelly Hu on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Tuesdays on ABC)

We may have lost Jessica De Guow as The Huntress, but we’ll still be on the edge of our seats waiting for Kelly Hu to return to Arrow as the super criminal China White! The producers say that we’re going to see China White as we’ve never seen her before! That means naked, right? We’re pretty sure that means naked.

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Alexis Knapp in Ground Floor (Thursdays on TBS)

Rebel Wilson has her own sitcom this season, but Pitch Perfect fans are more excited about the TBS sitcom Ground Floor–which reunites cast members Skylar Astin and Alexis Knapp in the story of a male corporate drone who tries to extend a one-night stand. We’ll be examining Alexis when TBS kicks off this show on November 14th–especially since she’s playing a hard-partying office gal instead of the official love interest. Bonus content: the return of Scrubs‘ John C. McGinley to a network show!

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Nicole Benhaire in Sleepy Hollow (Mondays on FOX)

Sleepy Hollow was one of the first new programs out of the gate, and they got the right Headless Horseman to ride this bizarre mix of modern-day drama and historical weirdness. The show is getting some serious attention–with a lot of it due to Nicole Beharie. This young actress made a big impression (as did Hannah Ware) with Michael Fassbender in the sex-addiction indie Shame, and followed that with a great turn in the baseball drama 42 as Jackie Robinson’s wife. She’s a serious mix of sensuality and talent, and her work in Sleepy Hollow has us wide awake over a woman in uniform!

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Melissa Fumero in Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Tuesdays on FOX)

Most people have the same thought about Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is, “Wow, the film industry didn’t waste any time giving up on Andy Samberg.” We’re much more kind, though, and are just grateful that Melissa Fumero has a lead role to free her from soap operas. She couldn’t even turn her role on Gossip Girl into a steady thing. Now we can go steady with Melissa for as long as the FOX network allows. That sounds cool, right?

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Claire Holt in The Originals (Thursdays on The CW)

The Originals is a new show, but it’s really a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries with plenty of the original show’s cast members. Maybe that’s why it’s called The Originals. Anyway, the important thing is that Claire Holt is still in the cast as a thousands-year-old vampire. We’ll be tuning in for a weekly double-dose of vampirism when the show debuts on Tuesday, October 15th.

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Phoebe Tonkin in The Originals (Thursdays on The CW)

Yes, it’s another cast member from The Vampire Diaries returning for The Originals spin-off–but did you know that Phoebe and Claire Holt were also both mermaids on a Nickelodeon television show called H2O: Just Add Water?We hope these two really like each other. We’re also looking forward to her upcoming work back in her native Australia in a movie called Tomorrow, When the War Began 2–which is the sequel to a big Australian hit film that’s kind of like a remake of Red Dawn.

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Kaley Cuoco in The Big Bang Theory (Thursdays on CBS)

Yeah, we know that Kaley Cuoco isn’t some kind of fresh new face for the new season–but she deserves some kind of recognition for keeping the art of the sitcom going with her long stint on The Big Bang Theory. Do you think that show’s entire audience is the type of guys who like to shout “Bazinga!” and giggle over the Reddit alien showing up on television? No, there are a lot of people watching The Big Bang Theory to get a big bang out of Kelly’s raging Cuoco Puffs.  Actually, that sounds like something you’d hear from a person who likes to shout “Bazinga!” Anyway, we still can’t believe that Kaley’s only big-screen success off Big Bang has been a thankless role in the Easter Bunny epic Hop.

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Brenda Song in Dads (Tuesdays on FOX)

We didn’t think that the first big controversy of the new television season would come from a Disney Channel veteran. Then again, Brenda Song once got accused of being a Nazi just for wearing a t-shirt of a vintage punk band called Fear. Anyway, the longtime cast member of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and The Suite Life on Deck outraged sensitive television critics by putting on a sexy anime cosplay outfit for the debut of Dads–which, as a new sitcom from Seth MacFarlane, should be expected to be offensive in some way. We think Brenda deserves a better showcase for her talents, too, but we’re happy to see her taking on some grown-up roles.

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Lizzy Caplan in Masters of Sex (Sundays on Showtime)

She’s been a geeky darling since the monster movie Cloverfield, but Lizzy Caplan has also won a cultish following with stints on True Blood, Party Down, and New Girl. She also managed to show up in the movie Mean Girls and an episode of Freaks and Geeks. Those are some seriously hip credentials. And now she’s starring with Michael Sheen in Masters of Sex as the real-life married sex researchers Masters & Johnson–whose pioneering research was plenty scandalous, you bet. Will this new cable series reveal the shocking sex life of the actual Masters & Johnson? Actually, that’d be kind of weird. We’re tuning in to see. There won’t be any hints on Lizzy’s Twitter account, because she doesn’t have one. Maybe that would be too hip.

Yeal Grobglas in Reign (Thursdays on The CW)

She doesn’t have the most romantic name, but the French-born model (who grew up in Israel) will get your heart a-fluttering. To put it politely. We caught on to Yael back in 2010, when she made her acting debut in the notorious Israeli horror movie Rabies. Yael came to America to star in a weird (and failed) pilot that was kind of a mix between Cinderella and The Hunger Games. She must’ve made an impression, since the stunning blonde ended up cast in Reign as a scheming French royal trying to undo the future Mary, Queen of Scots. Yeah, it’s a historical drama. Yael really just has a recurring role, but we’re pretty sure that she’ll be recurring around Hollywood. Maybe she’ll even get a Twitter account after Reign debuts on Thursday, October 10th.

Anna Faris in Mom (Mondays on CBS)

The former star of The House Bunny and several Scary Movie films ends up on the small screen because–well, we’re not sure why. More people should have gone to see Observe and Report. Anyway, Anna’s real-life husband Chris Pratt is off being a movie star now (in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy), and we have Anna on the small screen as a new mom forced to live with her old mom Allison Janney. If you’ve ever seen a movie called Drop Dead Gorgeous, then you might be more interested in Allison–but Anna showed up at the Emmys looking plenty hot. You can get in on the ground floor of her Twitter account, too. She just started it a couple of days ago.

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Margot Bingham in Boardwalk Empire (Sundays on HBO)

We’re already a few episodes into the new season of Boardwalk Empire, and still anxiously awaiting Margot Bingham to show up as the daughter of a 1920s mob boss. We’re also looking forward to hearing her, since Margot’s playing the hot new singer at Chalky White’s Onyx Club. New Yorkers have enjoyed BIngham’s retro style for a while in various cabarets, but we’re willing to share her with the rest of the country.

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Maggie Lawson on Back in the Game (Wednesdays on ABC)

There’s something sweet about Maggie Lawson–who started out as a child television personality in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky–is now working with kids in a sitcom about a youth baseball team. We’re kind of interested in James Caan as her grumpy old former-pro father, but it’s also great to see Maggie working steadily after a long stint on Psych. We’re not expecting Back in the Game to be as good as Psych–but you don’t have to be psychic to expect us to give the show a shot while cheering on Maggie.

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