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Sad Day: The VW Bus has Run out of Gas


Have you guys heard the news? The Volkswagen Camper Van has reached the end of the road. The car company announced that after 63 years, the VW Bus will be produced no longer in 2014. The Bulli, their newest vehicle, isn’t nearly as cool, but we guess it will have to do for now.

So what can we do to commemorate this iconic vehicle?¬†As far as cars go, the Volkwagen Camper Van has to be one of gearheads’ favorite to customize. So we searched the web for the coolest VW Bus conversions and found some pretty cool/crazy contraptions at which to gawk. From drop tops to pool tables, owners came up with clever ways to pimp their VW rides. Check out the gallery below for our favorites.

  • COED Writer