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Miley Cyrus Does Live “Wrecking Ball,” Fakes Going Topless [VIDEO]


Miley Cyrus didn’t bring along her wrecking ball for this weekend’s performance at the iHeart Radio 2013 Festival. She did, however, show some real restraint by delivering a pretty classy rendition of “Wrecking Ball” for her adoring fans. We’re pretty impressed, too. It kind of occurred to us that “Wrecking Ball” might be kind of an unexpectedly elegant pop take from the teen diva. We were just kind of distracted by Miley licking that hammer and riding construction equipment without wearing any clothes. You know how it can be.

But check out Miley here, and the song sounds pretty amazing. Cher is still recovering from mocking Miley via Twitter, but this video has us easily imagining the older pop diva knocking out a song like this in her ’60s and ’70s heyday. Of course, you’ll have to get past the distraction of Miley’s latest outfit. At first, you might think it’s the least revealing outfit that she’s worn in ages. Then you’ll realize that she’s actually pretty much naked–but those are just black pasties covering up the finer details of her breasts.

That’s smart. We know some strippers who’ve told us that mixing bare breasts and fishnets can be very uncomfortable. We still had to figure out that those were just pasties, though. It took a lot of staring. We were almost ready to run this video through the same technology they use on CSI: Minneapolis. Which reminds us–what happened to that poll that was supposed to start on Miley’s official site on Thursday? Remember that thing where people were supposed to vote on their favorite alternative Bangerz album cover? We liked this one….

Maybe it just turned out that the topless Miley cover was the clear winner, and management didn’t want to dwell on that kind of thing. Actually, we have a theory that Miley’s forgotten to actually record the Bangerz album. We think she’s busy doing that right now, and all of this other crazy behavior is just a distraction. Which is fine with us.

Anyway, here’s the iHeart concert video, and we think you’ll be hearting Miley’s performance a lot. Meanwhile, we’ll stay busy looking for Cher’s upcoming video to promote her new single. At this point, we can only hope for a “Wrecking Ball” parody video. Did we say hope? We might’ve meant fear…

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