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Boyz II Men Taught Gisele Bundchen English [Photos]


Without Boyz II Men, we might not be able to understand what Gisele Bundchen is saying.

Since the cassette tape turned 50 years old this week, Gisele Bundchen appeared on ‘Today’ while the anchors were discussing the first cassette tapes that they ever bought. Bundchen’s first tape was Boyz II Men which she bought when she moved out of her parents’ house at 14 to pursue her modeling career. She credited the group for teaching her English, to which Carson Daly asked, “Your first English words were ‘I’ll make love to you?'”

Who knows what would have happened to Bundchen’s modeling career had Boyz II Men not been there to help her learn English. Sure, it probably would have turned out fine because she’s so hot, but we can’t know for certain. Check out these pictures and let Boyz II Men know that you’re thankful for all that they’ve done.


  • COED Writer