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Weekend Style: This Backpack is All Grown Up


Just because you aren’t in school anymore doesn’t mean you have to ditch the idea of carrying a backpack. Not only do they make lugging your shit around super easy, the backpacks of today are not the fluorescent, monogrammed nightmares of yore. There are a ton of companies out there dedicated to making you look super fly with a bag on your back. Haerfest is one of them. 

Pronounced Har·vest, this brand is all for minimalism. But it isn’t just about neutral colors and nominal embellishment. Haerfest is dedicated to making simple, modern classics without compromising design or craftsmanship. In short, you will be able to carry these pieces for a very long time. After all, trends come and go, but quality materials and meticulous details last forever.

What is so special about the E13 Shell Backpack? The stunning combination of Ghost Black PVC, matte black cowhide and black canvas will take your swag to the next level. Its expandable, fully-lined interior adapts to the greatest of adventures. The singular adjustable strap makes for easy slip-on and wearability with antiqued brass hardware that’s beyond handsome.

Practical, sleek, baller. Enough said? Snag the Haerfest E13 Shell Backpack for $378 at

COED Writer