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Hey Handsome: Scrub a Dub Dub Out of the Tub


Before you get all up in arms about adding another step to your weekly skincare routine, hear us out. This Yon-Ka Foam Scrub will probably amaze you.

So why is exfoliation so important anyway? You know those ingrown hairs you get from shaving? Using a product like the Yon-Ka Foam Scrub after cleansing and shaving helps to prevent those unsightly bumps. It also combats blackheads and reduces pore size. Using this scrub 2-3 times per week eliminates nasty dead skin cells, giving you a more even complexion and healthier appearance. Have we convinced you yet?

What’s more, Yon-Ka is paraben-free and uses a ton of plants to save your face. Licorice root soothes and softens while copper and iris extracts brighten and purify. And there’s a delicious blend of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme to wake your ass up in the morning.

Trust us, once you start scrubbing, you’ll never go back to your unpolished ways. Grab Yon-Ka Foam Scrub for $32 at

  • COED Writer