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5 Things To Do While Waiting For ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ To Install


As you no doubt know by now, Grand Theft Auto 5 requires an installation to your console’s hard drive before you start playing. If you’ve got an Xbox 360, this means that you’re going to have to wait an extra 15 minutes for the 8 GB install to complete. If you’ve got a PS3, well then it’s probably going to be finished by the time the PS4 comes out. Just kidding. Kind of.

Edit: If you’re an Xbox 360 user, Rockstar has suggested that you don’t install the “Play” disc. Installing the “Install” disc is still mandatory.

But rather than just watching the loading screen waiting patiently for the installation to finish or complaining on Twitter about the delay, we suggest you use those valuable minutes to get things ready for what will almost surely become a gaming marathon.

Here’s a short list of 5 suggested things you should do while you still have free time.

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