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Just when you thought you had a good handle on your fantasy team, Week 2 comes and messes that right up. Luckily you have Allison and the guys over at FantasySmokeShow to help you regain control of your squad.

In addition to giving you a Spark Notes version of what happened in Week 2 (like we showed you in Week 1), we’ll also be giving you guys the boom, bust, and must-hires off the waiver wires.

So as you look at last week’s games to prepare for Week 3, just think of Allison. You’ll be able to see more photos of her at


Aaron Rodgers 480 yards 4 TDs
Jimmy Graham 10 Catches, 179 yards, 1 TD
Julio Jones 11 catches, 182 yards, 1 TD
Lesean McCoy 53 yards rushing, 5 catches, 114 yards receiving


Tom Brady 185 yards 1TD
Jason Witten 3 catches, 12 yards
Larry Fitzgerald 2 catches, 33 yards
Ray Rice 36 yards, 3 catches, 9 yards, 1 fumble


WR Eddie Royal
RB James Starks
WR Marlon Brown
WR DeAndre Hopkins

New England v. New York Jets

The Jets are pretty damn bad and don’t have much to look forward to this season. Geno Smith had 3 INTs and and none of the WRs helped out your team. The running back by committee is not helping your fantasy hopes, although Bilal Powell still is the RB to use if you are desperate.

Tom Brady has yet to get going with his new set of WRs and didn’t even top 200 yards. Julian Edelman’s 13 catches were Welkerish, making him still the man to own while Gronk and Amendola are out with injuries. Steven Ridley has continued a dismal start to the season for a high draft choice. The Patriots will get back to fantasy relevance once all the offensive weapons get back.

Houston v. Tennessee

Chris Johnson finally found some running lanes and almost reached 100 yards. Hard to believe you get excited for 96 yards and 1 catch, when this guy used to be a threat for 2,000. Locker HAS to start throwing the damn ball to CJ out of the backfield. Would consider Johnson a BUY LOW candidate if you can trade for him.

The Texans turned in a pretty good fantasy day. Schaub almost got to 300 and had 3 TDs. Arian Foster got a touchdown but still keeps being out performed by his backup Ben Tate. Andre Johnson had a good game before leaving with an injury. The Big News was that the rookie DeAndre Hopkins went off. Hopkins will be huge the rest of the season as teams double team AJ.

Baltimore v. Cleveland

Jordan Cameron may be the real deal. That’s 2 weeks in a row that he has had big games and is now the top target on the Browns. Richardson’s 5 catches helped his low rushing total. Weeden was boring as usual and got himself injured in the meantime.

Ray Rice injured his hip halfway thru a bad game. Be sure to pick up Bernard Pierce if Rice ends up being out a few games. WR Torrey Smith continues to be a good fantasy start with 7 catches and 85 yards. Flacco continues to show why he was overpaid and should be nowhere near your starting lineup.

San Diego v. Philadelphia

The Eagles are fantasy gold right now. With such a bad Defense, the offensive weapons get plenty of time on the field. Desean Jackson, McCoy, and Vick all had monster games and this trend will continue. If you got Vick or Jackson midway thru your draft, then you got a steal.

What the fuck happened to Phillip Rivers? He has been awful for over 2 years and then exploded for 400 yards and 3 TDs. All 3 touchdowns went to Eddie Royal, who may still be available on your waiver wire. Even old man Antonio Gates killed it with 8 catches and 124 yards. Now with Malcolm Floyd out for a few games, these guys are going to keep getting lots of looks.

Kansas City v. Dallas

Dez Bryant must not be too injured. The badass WR had 9 catches and 142 yards a week after a disastrous first game. Romo had an okay game, but will do better next week. Witten had an unusually quiet game, while Murray and Austin didn’t do much either. Don’t be deterred by this game–Start all your Cowboys players.

The Chiefs D is an instant waiver pickup if they are still available. On the offense, Jamaal Charles made up for a poor rushing effort with 8 catches and a TD. Bowe finally got going a lil bit with a TD. These two offensive stars will only get better each week.

Miami v. Indianapolis

The Colts produced some good fantasy numbers this week. No surprise that Andrew Luck went over 300 yards, but it was odd that Reggie Wayne was not the main target. TE Coby Fleener and WR T.Y.Hilton had big games, although they both were probably on your bench.

With 300 yards and a TD, Ryan Tannehill reminded us that he has some talent and not just a really hot wife. Mike Wallace had a big statline with 115 yards and a TD, while even Lamar Miller had a decent fantasy game for a #2 RB. Usually you want to stay away from all Dolphins players, but you want to get some of these guys if you can Buy Low.

Green Bay v. Washington

The Big 3 on the Redskins all had great fantasy days as the Redskins tried to play catchup the whole game. RG3 didn’t look great but still went over 300 yards and 3 TDs. Alfred Morris got back on track with 107 yards and Pierre Garcon destroyed with 143 yards and a TD. These are the only three guys you should be starting from this team.

Aaron Rodgers kicked ass in this game and kicked ass early. By Halftime,he had already thrown for 300 while on his way to 480 yards and 4 TDs. All the WRs benefited from Rodgers big game with James Jones having this biggest game with 11 catches. TE Jermichael Finley seems to have gotten back into the good graces of his QB, as he had his second good week in a row and is now a must start. The biggest surprise in this game were the big numbers RB James Starks put up. Don’t expect 100 yards every week, but Starks is worth a pick up off the waiver wire.

Chicago v. Minnesota

Not a typical game for AP, as he did manage 100 yards but did not score and had a fumble. There actually was a Greg Jennings siting, with the new Viking getting 84 yards on 5 catches. The rookie WR Cordarelle Patterson returned a kick for a TD but didn’t do jack otherwise with only 2 catches.

The Bears got another lucky W and provided huge fantasy numbers in the process. Matt Forte not only had 90 yards rushing, but also had 11 catches. Brandon Marshall of course had a TD and over 100 yards. TE Martellus Bennett is becoming a must start after his 2 touchdowns on Sunday.

Buffalo v. Carolina

While the Panthers were giving away a game, TE Greg Olsen was having a big day with 84 yards and a TD. Olsen is going to have a good year with more games like this one and not like his Week 1 bust. Cam Newton again looked like an average QB. He has fallen off a lot from his superstar rookie year and is not a surefire start each week.

Rookie EJ Manuel looked like a real QB in this game. Of course this was against the Panthers D, but we still would pick him up if you are desperate for a backup. C.J. Spiller went over 100 yards but had a TD poached by Fred Jackson. WR Stevie Johnson had great fantasy numbers and will be the #1 target on this team every week.

Atlanta v. St. Louis

The Rams didn’t do shit for a half and then had to come out firing in the 2nd half to try and catch up. Sam Bradford threw for 3 TDs and went over 350 yards. Pick him up if he still on your waiver wire. Bigplay WR Chris Givens had over 100 yards, while rookie Tavon Austin had 2 TDs. Austin is becoming one of Bradford’s favorite targets and should have a big rookie year.

Julio Jones is simply a beast. With 11 catches, 182 yards, a TD there wasn’t much room for other players to have big games. Roddy White had his second week in a row of poor stats as he deals with an injury. Tony Gonzalez still hasn’t gotten it going this season, but will eventually break out. Matt Ryan is a consistent Top 5 QB, and RB Steven Jackson’s injury may put the ball in hands even more.

Arizona v. Detroit

Calvin Johnson reminded people why he IS the greatest WR alive with 116 yards and 2 TDs. CJ is the definition of Must Start. Stafford didn’t have his usual numbers, yet was able to at least a couple TDs. Reggie Bush‘s injury stopped him from having a useful fantasy day, but he shouldn’t miss much time.

The other superstar WR Larry Fitzgerald was hampered with an injury and only had 2 catches. QB Palmer spread the ball around, with 10 different players having a catch. Once Fitz is full strength again, he will again get the majority of the targets.

New Orleans v. Tampa Bay

Doug Martin came back with a vengeance this week, gaining 144 yards. He needs more games like this one to merit his Top 5 draft status in most leagues. Unfortunately his QB sucks and doesn’t throw too many passes his way. Vincent Jackson was able to get 77 yards in a lackluster offensive game.

The Saints didn’t run up the score like many people thought they would. Although Brees went over 300 yards, he threw 2 INTs and only had 1 TD. Sproles bad yardage day was helped out by 6 catches. The fantasy stud of this game was Jimmy Graham with 10 catches, 179 yards and a TD.

Denver v. New York Giants

Eli sucks. Another 4 INTs to add to his total and his brother kicked his ass again. It doesn’t help that the Giants don’t have a rushing attack right now as David Wilson only had 17 yards. At least Cruz, Nicks, and Myers had respectable games as Eli was chucking the ball everywhere. TE Myers has had back to back good fantasy and should be starting in most formats.

Peyton didn’t go off like he had the first week of the season but went over 300 yards and had a couple TDs. Eric Decker and Julius Thomas were the winners this week in the Bronco wr shuffle. Its hard to know who Peyton is gonna favor week in to week out. TE Julius Thomas has cemented himself in as a starter in every format.

Oakland v. Jacksonville

WR Cecil Shorts was the only fantasy production to speak of for the Jags. He is the best receiving option on this team while Blackmon is out and will continue to get all the targets and be a flex option. The more worrying trend is how bad MJD‘s stats have been. He has always been able to bust even with being on a crappy team, but the first 2 weeks have been a struggle. MJD is a Buy Low candidate if you can work out a trade for him.

Terelle Pryor had a more realistic game this week compared to his surprising numbers he put up in Week 1. If you see him on the waiver wire, you should probably leave him there. McFadden was the only stud in this game. Even though he had a fumble , 157 total yards and 4 catches made it a great fantasy day. If he can stay healthy, we will see these numbers every week.

Seattle v. San Francisco

What a difference a week makes. The 49ers had stars everywhere in Week 1 but could do jack against the best D in the league. The list of players with duds of a game is impressive. Kaepernick, Gore, Boldin, Davis all had games you will want to forget about for your team. TE Vernon Davis injured his hamstring later in the game, so you will have to keep an eye out for that this week.

The Seattle D was HUGE and got their owners a lot of points. Marshawn ‘the Beast’ Lynch came back this week with 3 TDs and will leave his Week 1 dud behind him for the rest of the season. None of the Seahawks WRs had much production as Wilson only threw for 142 yards.

Pittsburgh v. Cincinnati

The days of the Steelers helping your team are in the past. The running game is terrible. Roethlisberger hardly ever throws for 300 yards anymore and the WRs don’t have much production. WR Antonio Brown only managed 57 yards and is not a guarantee starter every week for your team. Even the Steelers D is not a lock for fantasy points. Steer clear of having too many Steelers on your team right now.

The Bengals had a lot of players that had decent fantasy games but nobody really blew up. It was good to see the rookie RB Gio get 2 TDS, even if he only managed 38 yards on the ground. AJ Green had a slow game as the Steelers kept him covered tightly the whole game and Dalton was not exactly on target with most his throws. The Bengals have a lot of players that are on the verge of making a fantasy impact every week.

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