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Time To Bail? Facebook To Start Playing Automatic Videos In Your Newsfeed


Zuckerburg strikes again! Videos will now join ads, your friend who just had a baby/got married/bought a house and your politically outspoken Aunt as things that annoy the hell out of you on Facebook.

The Daily Mail has the details:

Facebook is to begin testing a new mobile feature that plays videos automatically as users scroll through their news feeds. The videos will begin playing as they come into view on the screen, and users can preview them within the feed without clicking on or opening them. Each video will play silently and can be viewed with sound upon clicking.

Silent? We’ll believe that when we see it. Still won’t distract the fact that every single time you open Facebook on your phone now it will freeze up worse on you than Jack Torrence in the end of The Shining.

  • COED Writer