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Miss New York Nina Davuluri Wins Miss America 2014 [PHOTOS]


Clearly the judges at Miss America know what’s up because for the second year in a row, Miss New York has won the Miss America pageant. Last night, Nina Davuluri was crowned Miss America 2014 after beating out 53 contestants (50 states + DC, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands) in the various competitions.

Nina is the first Asian to be crowned Miss America in the pageant’s history and also (reportedly) broke the record for shortest amount of time before you start talking sh*t about the previous year’s winner. According to some sources, she invited some friends back to her room and was heard calling Mallory Hagan “fat as f*ck.”

She might not be the white blue-eyed and blonde-haired Miss America some of middle America would have liked to see win, but she’s sure got the b*tchiness of a college sorority girl down pat. Gotta admit, I love the sass.

Check out her photos below.

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