Elizabeth Morgan Wins Miss COED September 2013 [PHOTOS]

Not only is Elizabeth Morgan the sexiest nursing student in the country, she’s also just become Miss COED September 2013 (making her the 2nd redhead in 2013 to win the title). Along with a few very special Miss COEDs, Elizabeth took to Twitter/Instagram/Facebook to take part in a series of photo challenges (which you can view here).

You can view Elizabeth’s original Miss COED profile here, but you should also go ahead and congratulate her on Twitter (@Ellizm07). She’s in class at this very moment, so try and make her day a little better.

Of course, this means that not only has the lucky lady won $500 but you’ll be seeing her later on when the Miss COED Of The Year 2014 competition kicks off.

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Who Should Be Miss COED June 2013? [PHOTOS + POLL]
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