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Watch This Friday The 13th Prank You Shouldn’t Do [Video]


Definitely do not try to pull of this great prank next year on Friday the 13th.

Chances are that absolutely nothing unlucky or terrifying happened to you yesterday on Friday the 13th because that’s just a bogus superstition. Still, it’s almost impossible to let that day pass without briefly thinking about a man in a hockey mask brutally attacking you with a chainsaw. But the odds of that are incredibly slim. Unless you live near YouTube prankster VitalyzdTv.

The prank is a pretty simple, yet terrifying one: chase unsuspecting strangers with a chainsaw while wearing a hockey mask. The description below the video says that the chainsaw didn’t have any blades, but the victims respond as you would expect. Nearly everyone runs away so quickly that they trip over themselves, or each other, as they try to escape.

The most amazing thing about this video is that whoever is wearing the mask didn’t get shot. Or sued. Well, maybe that’s coming.

via YouTube

COED Writer