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Weekend Style: Slim Down with n.d.c.


Is that your wallet, or are you just happy to see me? It seems everyone is carrying around an excessive amount of stuff these days. And if you’re one of those guys who refuses to carry a bag, your pockets are probably overflowing with your cell phone, keys, chewing gum and overstuffed wallet. Yeah, about that overstuffed wallet…

Make it a point to de-clutter your look and life. Grab only the cards you know you’ll use, your I.D. Metrocard, some cash and stash it all in this slim leather n.d.c camo wallet. Hand-crafted from 100% calfskin, not only is it ultra-thin, the camo print is way cooler than whatever you’re carrying now. And you know with n.d.c (nom de code, or codename for us English-speakers) you’re getting the highest quality materials, construction and finishing techniques. It’s a win situation every way you look at it.

One final note: this camouflage print is limited-edition for fall, so it’s going to sell out lickety-split. Keep an eye out for when it’s available at the end of the month at

  • COED Writer