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Hey Handsome: HUGO Red Knows How You Feel


We’re sure you’ve been asked the question “do you prefer to be hot or cold?” And you probably have a preference, but what if you never had to choose again? With HUGO Red, you can have the best of both worlds.

Built around two different “accords,” this cologne plays to the contrasting properties of hot and cold metal. The “Solid Chill” side combines grapefruit and rhubarb for a fresh, clean scent. On the other side, “Liquid Heat” blends cedar wood and hot amber for that sexy masculine scent the ladies love. Together, they create a unique fragrance that adapts and reacts to your body heat in different ways at different times. Pretty cool, huh?

But what’s inside the package isn’t the only special thing about HUGO Red. The bottle is coated with an innovative thermo-chromic ink that responds to heat. In lay terms, it changes color when touched, leaving your mark on the bottle every time you spray.

If you’re as into it as we are, treat yourself to a bottle at

COED Writer