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5 Essential Cookbooks for the Clueless College Student


We get it: you’re in college, maybe have a meal plan and defintiely care more about finding beer than getting a home-cooked meal. Because that’s what going home for the holidays is for, right? Sure, but you’re kind of an adult now, and it’s time to start learning some life skills you’llĀ actually use post-graduation. And guess what, cooking is definitely one of those skills. If you don’t give a damn about it being healthier or cheaper, cooking from home is at least a huge hit with the ladies. Because if you fail, you still tried to cook for a girl, and she’s probably going to put out as a result. So, we present 5 essential cookbooks for the clueless college student. Not only will using them make you look like a stud, you’ll probably prevent a few small kitchen fires in the process.

  • COED Writer