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Teens Checking Out Girl End Up Saving Her From Being Kidnapped [Video]


Sometimes creeping on a girl can end up saving her life.

Jamal Harris, 17, and Aaron Arias, 19, were driving through Dallas, Texas when they noticed a “kind of attractive” girl in the car next to them. The girl noticed that they were looking at her, and she mouthed the words “help me.” Since that’s obviously not the normal reaction girls have when they catch you staring at them, they felt something was wrong. Harris and Arias called the police and followed the car until they could intervene. The police pulled the car over, and found out that the woman had been kidnapped at gunpoint and forced into her car just a few minutes earlier.

We’re not saying that you should start blatantly checking out girls because you think it might save their life, but it is nice to know it can have a happy ending. Also, these teens just thought she was “kind of attractive.” Imagine if they thought she was hot. They might have pulled the car over and taken the kidnapper out themselves.

via Gawker

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