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Guy Pretends To Pee On A Cop Car And Gets Away With It [Video]


Peeing on a cop car while the officer is inside it will usually get you in trouble. Usually…

YouTube prankster Roman Atwood decided to put on a dog suit and pretend to pee on the tire of a police car. The cop began to get suspicious when a man in a dog suit slowly approached his car. He ordered him to “back up otherwise you’re going to end up in jail.” That’s when Atwood lifted his leg and pretended to relieve himself on the car’s tire. He then took off on foot while the cop drove after him, but he somehow managed to escape.

This may not have been the most inventive prank of all time, but it definitely took a lot of guts. We wonder how long the police officer searched for him, or if he put out an APB for a “dog running on two legs.”

via YouTube

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